Oh, hello.

My name is Julie and I'm a Senior Front End Developer who works for a communications company. Some of my skillsets include: JavaScript, jQuery, D3.js, Mapbox, CSS3, Less/Sass, HTML5, PHP, WordPress and GruntJS/Gulp.

For a copy of my resume with my complete skillset, say hi, or see more here.

Allstate Small Business Barometer

Built a single page app that pulls in nationwide data with JSON via Handlebars along with CSS3 and jQuery animations.

America's Economic Expressway

Responsible for theming and building the sites map with Mapbox that filters JSON data in two different views.

Freight Rail Works

Responsible for building the sites front end templates with CSS and JavaScript.

Global Health Now

Drupal site where I was responsible for sites entire front end including CSS and JavaScript.

Team Subject Matter

Coded sites entire front end with CSS and JavaScript while assisting with WP integration.

Share Our Tomorrow

Coded sites entire front end, implemented Backbone.js, assisted in WP backend and added map integration with Mapbox.